As Allie notes in her post for today, we made lettuce wraps tonight! When it came time to sit down and enjoy them, I decided to use some of the ingredients to make a sort of thai inspired mojito-ish drink. Here's the basics.

1/2 lime quartered
1 teaspoon palm sugar
1/2 thai chili, sliced thin
1 teaspoon minced ginger
1 ounce gin
1/2 ounce rum
tonic or club soda
Mint leaves

I started by muddling the lime quarters, chili, ginger and mint in a pint glass. I then filled the glass with crushed ice. To that I added the gin, rum, and because I had it on hand - a splash of homemade ginger beer. Fill the glass with tonic or club soda and stir.

I've written down and slightly adjusted the recipe by memory. So, no guarantees. Adjust as you see fit. Next time I'll probably add more chili and lime and leave off the ginger beer for a more refreshing drink. I'd also try just rum.