Not so sure about the Gai part. Maybe Tom Kha "Tom"? Because this soup was made from Thanksgiving!

We had some stock and turkey left in the freezer and some tasty veggies left over from last night's Lettuce Wraps. So today I set about making Tom Kha (Thai coconut soup).

I used this recipe from Bon Appétit as a base. I added a little bit more lime and lime zest and used palm sugar for the sugar, because why not? And because nothing in this house is bland, I threw in 4 sliced thai chilis. Some rogue white asparagus found it's way in the pot too.

I ladled up the finished soup and added some bean sprouts, more thai chilis, and some mint leaves to the lime wedges and cilantro called for as garnish. A nice dash of sesame chili oil finished my bowl.

Soup's on!

This turned out pretty damn tasty. While I'm almost out of turkey stock, I'm not out of turkey yet. I think some more of that Thanksgiving bird is going to find its way into a soup pot.