Mackenzie has been more and more into her books of late. She's always enjoyed them, and enjoyed the nightly ritual of Mom or Dad reading one to her. She loves to sit on the floor and flip through them, babling at the pages.

Wednesday she was seriously obsessed though. She was home from daycare, and often in the bedroom with me. She kept asking to be hoisted to my lap, only to lean over my shoulder pointing at the shelf behind me. "Boo!" she said, reaching for the shelf. She did this repeatedly, untill every book we had for her was spread across the bedroom floor. Each having been flipped through multiple times, tossed aside, and another requested.

I decided she could probably use some new books, so when I picked her up from daycare on Friday we stopped by Wild Rumpus. She of course ran up to the shelves and started trying to pull books out to put on the floor. We looked over the offerings and she of course was interested in a new book featuring her favorite, the Pout Pout fish. This was the first she turned around and sat on the floor to look through, the others just stacked off to the side.


We looked around a bit more, and took breaks to look at the different creatures living in this amazing little store. Then we picked up the book and checked out. She fought with me a bit on the way back to the car, so after buckling her up I turned the light on in the back and gave her the book back. She flipped through it all the way home.