A running list of things we'd like to acquire and do for our new house!


  • Childproof Kitchen - Cabinet and drawer locks
  • Unpack/organize
  • Garage sale
  • Replace upstairs railings - not to code, too easy for kids to fall through
  • Gate for the fence - to contain our mischievous child
  • Gate for the upstairs landing - to contain our mischievous child
  • Protect and organize garage - before we fill it with too much stuff!
    • Insulate and drywall for 2 remaining interior walls
    • Power-wash and epoxy floors
    • Storage/organization: wall hardware, shelving
  • Kenzie's bedroom - make it so it doesn't seem crazy to keep our child in a closet
  • Wall prep/paint
  • Carpet remnant
  • Toddler bed
  • Shelving/etc. for toys
  • Need better ventilation?
  • Landscaping
    • Wildflower boulevard?


  • Chest freezer (meat!!)
  • Power washer
  • Table saw (condo/flooring)
  • Mitre saw (condo/flooring)
  • Light-duty flatbed trailer (dependency: receiver)
  • Rain barrel(s)


  • Patio furniture - Table/chairs for outdoors.
  • Dresser(s) for clothes - upstairs
  • Sofa/living room set
  • Area rugs all around
  • Automatic soap dispensers (simplehuman) for kitchen, maybe bath
  • Vanity for storage/makeup on main floor office
  • Travel cage - A smaller cage for Neko to allow him to enjoy other parts of the house (like the yard!)
  • Cage for green wing

Stuff to build

  • Shelf wall for Condo
  • Coffee table for basement
  • Workbench for garage
  • Table for Big Green Egg
  • Side table for Allie's Office



  • Refinish Ikea patio furniture Small table & 2 chairs
  • Caulk tub - circumnavigate the low overflow valve
  • Landscaping
  • Shrubs/plants for the front, nearest the house (planted a garden)
  • Shrubs/plants for the lower/left-hand terrace (planted a garden)
  • What can we plant/harvest this late in the season?


  • Reel mower
  • Manual edger
  • Gardening equipment: shovels, rakes, hoes, garden rakes, and the like (major Craig's List haul FTW)
  • Shop vac
  • Folding/work table for projects, etc.
  • Dehumidifier (important - basement flooring buckles)


  • Sterilite stacking drawers for office closet
  • Hamper for main floor bath
  • Toilet seat (ours: plastic/flimsy, green)
  • Office sound system - SONOS