Nana got Mackenzie a cute, programable stuffed dog last summer when she was visiting for Mackenzie's birthday and surgery. Scout hasn't been horribly interesting to Kenzie up to this point, but in the last couple weeks she's gotten more obsessed with the vaguely manipulative plush.

In particular, she loves pushing the paw button that makes scout sing songs. But not just any song. She'll cycle through the randomly selected tunes till one she wants comes on. In particular, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". She'll do this constantly for what can appear to be a very long time. She'll carry Scout around, playing his songs (especially that one) and dancing. Songs she likes are often followed up with a "Yay!" from her at their conclusion.

It's cute as hell, even if it's slightly annoying :). I fear she has her Dad's propensity for listening to the same music repeatedly.

Please enjoy the horrifying graphic Google provided.