It was a good day here. A great, relaxing Sunday. After Allie returned from the gym we had a tasty lunch of chilaquiles with the red chili sauce I made yesterday.


We loafed in the sun for a bit and then headed out to the lake to take Mackenzie ice skating for the first time. She wasn't so sure about the funny boots, and was really not excited to try to stand at all - let alone on the slippery ice. After much crying and dragging I picked her up and skated around with her a bit. She really enjoyed that. We then set her on the ice and played with the hockey puck. She watched the other people on the ice intently, and eventually started trying to stand up. I helped her to her feet and skated backwords supporting her and helping her balance. We were so proud of her for trying, and she made a ton of progress today!


After she demanded a few more laps around the rink with Dad we packed up and came home. I finished baking up the pot pie filling from Friday for our dinner. Enjoying the rest of the glass of wine and then Allie and I will relax with some more apple cobbler and ice cream.